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We are exclusive distributors in Spain and Portugal


SICOMETAL TURBINES are incomparable with any other system. It is because of the typical shape of turbine buckets, technically the most favorable shape for snow transfer. The sharp cutting edges of the hubs, which protrude from the turbine skirt, perform a true milling operation that can attack all types of snow and somewhat reduces extraordinary drag.

  The TURBO FRESAS are designed to move in snowy conditions. They facilitate the opening and widening of roads. They are also suitable for loading trucks in the center of ski resorts. The model  X-TREM four wheels have been developed for the removal of large amounts of snow in mountainous areas. 100% hydraulic technology is a guarantee of reliability.  





Turbo fresa TSI.png

Turbofresa TSI 

Doble turbina HS.png

Doble turbina HS 

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