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Casli is the leading supplier of winter sports machinery and mechanical equipment in Spain. We have been working with the ski resorts since the 1960's and today we represent in Spain a number of  world-class manufacturers. All together, we can fully equip and service any ski resort. We sell snowgrooming machines, snowmaking systems, moving carpets, ice resurfacing machines, synthetic sliding surfaces, etc... 


​In parallel with our commercial activities we have fully trained technicians as well as developing a network of partner workshops. This technical capabilities and network allow us to quickly respond to any requirement our clients may have both on and off season. We can provide service in a matter of a few hours. To further improve our service level, we hold a significant inventory of spare parts in our head office and at our partner workshops.   


To find more about the products that we sell please visit the manufacturer's web page or contact us. We will be pleased to hear from you! 




Snow Making
Moving Carpets
Ice Resurfacers
Sliding Surfaces
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