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We offer an extensive range of snow ploughs and spreaders and we can transform any vehicle to perform winter road maintenance activities, from the smallest quad to the largest 8x8 truck. We use Epoke spreaders and Sicometal snow ploughs for on-road, heavy-duty vehicles. For lighter applications -typically in an urban environment- we use Meyer snow ploughs and Swenson spreaders. What we always do is to listen to the client, understand his needs and work hand in hand to identify the equipment that best suits their requirements.  


We take pride in delivering a fully functional vehicle. The vehicle modification and equipment fitting can be done either at our workshop or at any of our partner workshops throughout Spain.  In any case, we will always take care of vehicle legalisation with the authorities and comprehensive training for the drivers.




Heavy vehicles

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Snow Ploughs

Light vehicles

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Snow Ploughs

Heavy vehicles

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Snow Ploughs

Heavy vehicles

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Road marking
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