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The Defense Division of Casli is a contractor of the Spanish Army for the maintenance of military vehicles and their sub-assemblies, as well as for the supply of spare parts; repair of engines, gearboxes, transfer cases, axles, bridges and differential groups, final steps, suspensions, etc. Complete preventive and corrective maintenance programs and projects for armored and non-armored vehicles, from the repair of the kinematic chain to its comprehensive maintenance: BMR-VEC, BMR-VRAC, M-113, M-109, VCI / C Pizarro, CC LEOPARD 2A4, CC LEOPARDO 2E, M-60 Bridge Launcher and Sapper Cart , etc.

Test benches

SHENCK engine dynamometer up to 600 hp.

POWER TEST engine dynamometer up to 4,400 hp.

Automatic transmission test bench up to 400 hp.

Bench for generator sets.

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