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Cleaning machinery
indoor and outdoor

We distribute the products of the world leader in cleaning and adapt them to your needs


We have the full range of Kärcher products and we specialize in road sweepers and in the assembly of pressure washers on all types of vehicles.


The assembly of Karcher machinery in vehicles of your property is carried out with Casli's own means and always looking for the solution that best suits your needs:

  • We use leading brands in all components: Kärcher, Sortimo, Roth, etc ...

  • .We have a technical office to design the vehicles according to your needs

  • We have our own workshops to carry out the assemblies

  • We manage the legalization of the vehicle and the passage of the ITV

  • We deliver the vehicles, carry out the start-up and train users throughout the national territory


Below you can see pictures of Karcher equipment that we have assembled for the main national cleaning contractors



Pick-Up Hydrocleaner
Compact Hydraulic Cleaner Van
Large Hydraulic Cleaner Van

For more information contact us.

We will be delighted to assist you!


manufacturer's website:

 91 485 29 80
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