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Permeable breakwaters for protection against beach erosion

We are exclusive distributors of this innovative technology in Spain

The problem of beach erosion affects most of the Spanish coast. This phenomenon increases the risk of flooding in inhabited areas near the sea and contributes to the disappearance of one of the main sources of attraction and income for Spanish tourism. The latest ISPRA estimates indicate that there are hundreds of kilometers of beach at risk of erosion.


Attempts to stop this problem have multiplied over time but have been insufficient and unsustainable in the long term. Investments in adding sand to the beaches and in the construction of artificial breakwaters have been enormous in recent years, but in addition to creating severe environmental damage, the problem of erosion has not been stopped.

Save The Beach (STB) is powered by patented permeable breakwater technology that is easy to install and remove. This system has shown both in the United States and in Europe that the protection of beaches without environmental impact is feasible, economically viable and effective in the short term.

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